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HTC Expects to Ship 1 Million G1 Handsets This Year

By Eric • Nov 26th, 2008 • Category: t-mobile g1

HTC has revised is shipment forecast for the G1. The company now expects to ship one million of the handsets by the end of 2008. This is up from the 600,000 that HTC previously forecast. While this number will be compared with the three million iPhone 3Gs sold in the first three days of availability, this comparison not well deserved. The iPhone had a year of buildup prior to it’s release, along with the existing Apple ecosystem and hype machine. For a new platform, one million units in less than three months is very nice.

Hopefully this growth will continue, bringing more attention to the Android platform. With a large number of handsets in use, and the introduction of paid apps in the market, 2009 looks to be a great year for Android.

[via DigiTimes]

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