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Opera Mini Now Available for Android

By Eric • Nov 24th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story

Opera Mini is now in the Android Market. While it has been known that Opera was working on an Android port of their browser, it was unknown when it would be released.

While the Android web browser, Chrome Lite offers nearly everything most users will want, Opera Mini does bring with it some nice features. Most are aimed at speeding up browsing. The main feature is that Opera Mini operates through a proxy, providing for faster load times. Upon launch, Opera’s speed dial provides quick links to frequently visited sites. Both of these should be well received.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Android port is very similar to the existing versions for non-touchscreen devices. This results in a interface that is not optimized for touch. Future versions may address this.

All in all, a nice alternative for those users looking to speed up their browsing. I am sure that those on EDGE like myself will appreciate the quicker loading pages.

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