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Facebook application now in Market

By Eric • Nov 14th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story, applications

A new Facebook application is now available in the Market. You may recall the rumors that Facebook would not be developing an application for Android themselves. Instead, the company was hoping that a third-party would develop an application built upon the sites API. This is precisely what has happened.

Next Mobile Web has released it’s fBook application to the Market. The interesting thing about fBook is that is not a standalone application, but a wrapper for the iPhone optimized version of Facebook. In addition to the standard iPhone Facebook page features, fBook adds the following functionality:

  • Uploading photos directly from phone.
  • Notifications - fBook alerts you to new message, even with the app closed.
  • SMS from Facebook. Adds SMS button to user profiles.
  • Android specific pages fixes. Layout and functionality
This seems like a great option for Facebook loving Android users. By utilizing the Facebook website, new features will be available in fBook immediately, without requiring a new application to be built.
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