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VOXOFON International Calling Available for Android

By Eric • Nov 11th, 2008 • Category: applications


Voxofon on Android

Voxofon on Android



Voxofon has released their Call Router to the Android Market. This application provides low-cost calling from an Android phone by recognizing an international number has been dialed, and offering to route the call via less expensive options.

How it Works

After installing the application, simply enter an international number in the phone’s default dialer application and press Call. Voxofon will pop up a window listing your calling options, such as via a local number, mobile callback, etc. The exact rate for each option will be provided as well.


By routing calls through a local number, the user will only be required to use local minutes for the call. The application itself will use 1-2KB of data to set up the call. So, if the phone is on an unlimited data or free minutes plan, there will be no extra charges.

The international portion of the call will be charged to the user’s Voxofon account. The rate will vary, but will be presented at the time of the call. Additionally, Voxofon is extending a $.50 credit to new users upon signup.


Two options are available while roaming abroad. Purchasing a local SIM, or using the ‘Callback other’ function. Purchasing a SIM is rather straightforward, and familiar to travelers.  The ‘Callback other’ function will connect a local number in the country of travel with the destination. The cost for this being the small amount of data used to setup the call


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