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T-Mobile G1 Jailbroken

By Eric • Nov 6th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story, hacks


T-Mobile G1 Jailbroken

T-Mobile G1 Jailbroken

While the idea of having to ‘Jailbreak’ an open system seems a little redundant, it is a necessary step for those wishing to gain root access to their devices. Lukily, instructions have been posted in the XDA -developers forums for accomplishing this feat. It seems the method relys on a loophole in the PTerminal application.


Basically PTerminal is used to start a telnet connection between your G1 and computer:

  • Turn on your phone’s WiFi. This gives your phone an IP you can reach it at.
  • Get to a command prompt on your device by using the PTerminal application from the Android Market. (adb shell does not seem to work with these instructions, telnetd does not start up)
  • cd system
  • cd bin
  • telnetd
  • netstat (get your phones IP)
  • telnet into your phone’s IP from your PC
  • you now have root
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